One Night Stand James St. 1767 Cork Bar

Drinks Rebellion – One Night Stand in Cork’s Bar James St. 1767

  • on 31 May 16,
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For those of you who haven't already heard of them, Drinks Rebellion are a talented duo who are going to bring us some delectable delights this Thursday June 2nd.

These 2 talented men hail from Italy and Spain and have brought their Mediterranean flare to Cork bars. We are delighted to host Drinks Rebellion in James St. 1767, the finest of Cork bars, to bring a fantastic night to you.

Seven Deadly Sins (Cocktails)

OK, so maybe the heading gave it away... Drinks Rebellion will be here on Thursday and will bring you 7 sensational cocktails to leave your mouths watering. These taste sensations will be brought to you in the form of :

  • The Hungarian Witness
Drinks Rebellion James St. 1767 Cork Bar
  • Purple Rain
  • A Late Breakfast
  • A Farmer In Copacobana (Just try not to sing that song in your head right now... 😜)
  • Exotic Mojito
  • Sunny Toast
  • Green Lemonade

Don't they just sound amazing? 😍  To learn a bit more about them have a gawk at the menu list below:

Drinks Rebellion James St. 1767

Why Drinks Rebellion Chose James St. 1767 from all Cork Bars

Drinks Rebellion decided to collab with us because we are the best cocktail bar in Cork- simple out. We provide amazing cocktails 7 nights a week with some glorious €5 cocktail deals - I mean could you ask for more...?

Naturally, we were the perfect fit for Drinks Rebellion and them for us!

Make sure to come join to party for One Night Only on Thursday, June 2nd @ 17.00 until late.


You provide your presence and we'll provide the rest - it's really no wonder that we're topping the list of favourite Cork Bars :P

This article on our Drinks Rebellion event was brought to you by James St. 1767 - one of your favourite Cork Bars.