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James St. 1767 Bar – Bringing Personality to Cork

  • on 16 May 16,
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Importance of Personality

We all know the importance of personality. Personality is something that we grow up with, something that is instilled in us and something that is unique to every individual. No 2 people have the same personality and the same can be said for bars.

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No 2 bars, no matter how similar, have the same personality. This is important as it ensures that every bar you visit brings you a different experience, which is something that we at James St. 1767 pride ourselves on.

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There are many different types of bars, from ones that bring you swanky glamour, without any soul or heart to dingy little bars who are filled with character and warmth.

At James St. 1767, we bring you class, sophistication, warmth and fun.

James St. 1767's Corkonian Charm

At James St. 1767, we bring you different events such as our Game of Thrones screenings, Red Bull brunch clubs, cocktail competitions and more. These events give you a little peak into our personal spark.

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More important than our events, however, is our staff. Our employees are fun-loving individuals and we encourage everyone to let their personality shine. We don't like drab, dull employees - we want everyone to show their zest for life! This makes thing more fun for us, for our employees and most importantly - for you.


Speciality cocktails such as Nutella Negronis highlight our staff's creativity and with our gorgeous décor and fantastic spirit we offer you a vibe and sense of community that can't be found anywhere else in Ireland.

Come Join our Club

Here at James St. 1767, the more the merrier. We love making friends and adding more people into our inner circle - make sure you come in and say hi. We'll only be more than happy to meet you! :)