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Live Gigs in Cork Bars Throughout June | James St. 1767

  • on 07 Jun 16,
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Live music is one of the most magical things on earth. We all adore 10s if not 100s of performers and consequently purchase their albums, but realistically, nothing is better than seeing them live, right at your fingertips. Unfortunately, this may not always be an easy thing to do. Fortunately for you however, Cork is a hub for live music and Cork bars all around the city and county have amazing live gigs set up for your entertainment.

Cork Bars' Music Scene

Of course you have various music scenes throughout Cork bars. You have rock, pop, RnB, traditional, acoustic - the list goes on. Thankfully for you fellow Corkonians and those of you who bless us with a visit, between all of us Cork pubs, you'll definitely find yourself covered. Here at James St. 1767, we don't like to pigeon-hole ourselves too much and vary from having fantastic acoustic singers such as Jamie Shine to some stellar DJs like the brilliant DJ Raymond Franklyn.

Why James St. 1767 is the Spot for Your Gigs

Well with the above mentioned, James St. 1767 is naturally going to be your favourite of the Cork bars on offer, right? One thing is for sure, we are definitely on top of all of Cork's pubs when it comes to constant music. We have weekly musicians lined up for June for 5 nights of the week, EVERY week! Now don't think that the other 2 are going to be quiet either, these are just our weekly gigs.

Live Gigs in James St. 1767 This June

So to show you how we have managed to climb to the top of the Cork bars list have a gawk at our weekly music list below: Live Gigs James St. 1767 Cork Bar James St. 1767 is certainly one of the best Cork bars there is for music, atmosphere, drinks and food - make sure to come check out our amazing pub.  

This article on live music in Cork bars throughout June was brought to you by James St. 1767 - your favourite of the Cork pubs on offer.