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Plan Your Weekend Around Fine Food, Drinks & Music

  • on 25 May 16,
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When you get a call from your siblings to come to Cork for the weekend, you have various options to plan a wonderful evening with a fantastic combination of food, beverages and entertainment. Cork's restaurants are well-known for their endless options in fine dining, drinks, live gigs and sports events. Some Cork bars also arrange to play live sporting events along with drinks and dinners to bring a home-like feel to their guests. At the weekend, most of the Cork's bars also organise various gigs and fun activities for bidding a happy weekend to their prestigious customers.

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The List Goes On!


Cork's pubs also take part in this list when it comes to enjoying special dinners as well as providing entertainment to get you away from the chores of the daily life. An extensive number of Cork's restaurants feature music while dining to bring a relaxed, easy going vibe to their visitors. However, it is always a smart choice to know the little secrets about each of Cork's restaurants, bars and pubs so you can find the best one to suit your mood.

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3 Secrets to Plan Your Weekend Smartly

SECRET #1: The More Options in Dining the Better


Cork's restaurants and bars understand the fact that guests are only willing to spend money for good food so they have always something appealing in the dining menu. Look for restaurants that have menus that match your or your guests' tastes. The best Cork pubs and restaurants always have options in vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes when it comes to their menus. I mean, who wants to have constantly repeated dishes when eating? The best thing to do is to change it up. Did someone just say Sirloin Steak & Pepper Sauce? Our favourite!

Sirloin Steak Cork James St. 1767 Restaurant

SECRET #2: Drink Options for You Fellow "Fish"

What's better than welcoming the weekend with a shot of hard drink? Cork's bars always have a distinct range of options in wine, gin, cocktails and other hard liquors to satisfy the specific demands of the guests. A cozy bar in Cork with multiple options in the bar menu always remains the topmost priority of the people. Perks of many Cork bars include pretty views to make your drinking that bit more pleasurable. Furthermore, if you are planning to go with your pals, always ensure that the Cork bar that you are choosing has sufficient space for your gang.

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SECRET #3: Building the Mood with Live Events


Everyone wants to enjoy their weekends with something different from mundane chores of their week. So how about live music or your favourite tournament? Most of the Cork's pubs and bars feature special events like music or screening live tournaments within their spaces to uplift the mood of the guests. Be it a cozy environment or upbeat, the ambiance and atmosphere of the place always contributes to the dining experience.

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Ultimately, it is up to you how you want to enjoy your weekend! From bright lights and colours, to outdoor seating and upbeat music, there are various options in Cork to spend your much-awaited weekend. A sophisticated bar like James St. 1767 is such a model that quenches your thirst for the best options in fine dining, bar venues, and live music. So, stay tuned with their events and menu online @ http://www.jamesst1767.ie.